Enhance Safety and Traffic Flow in Interurban Locations

Detect incidents and capture traffic data from tunnels, highways, and bridges

Trafibot application image.jpgMeet FLIR Trafibot AI

Traffic incidents in interurban locations can be extremely dangerous and bring major roadways to a standstill.

Traffic management teams need immediate, accurate traffic data to alert first responders, save lives, and get vehicles moving again.

The TrafiBot AI is the first FLIR CCTV traffic solution to use embedded AI, making automatic incident detection and traffic data collection more reliable and intelligent than ever.

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AI on Board

TrafiBot AI outperforms non AI-based traffic cameras due to its ability to learn and refine how it evaluates events. In fact, the camera uses two embedded AI models, one for classifying fallen objects and the other for identifying vehicles and vulnerable road users.

The camera continues to utilize powerful FLIR AID algorithms, as well. And because its analytics are built in, TrafiBot AI isn't vulnerable to potential bottlenecks or interruptions associated with centralized AID systems.



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3D Tracking Sees the Unseen

Using its patented 3D world tracker, TrafiBot AI increases its capacity to detect incidents within a scene. As vehicles enter its field of view, the camera will anticipate their speed and trajectory, even if they become obscured by other traffic.

TrafiBot AI can detect sudden lane changes, tailgating, or wrong-way drivers without direct line of sight. It can also tell the difference between vehicles stopped due to rush hour traffic and those that have stalled or stopped due to a collision.


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Easy Installation Limits Road Closures

The camera's built-in tilt sensor reduces installment time and traffic delays, especially in tunnels with sloping walls. The camera has a three-axis swivel that pans, tilts, and rolls sideways, eliminating the need for custom adapter plates. The tilt sensor also calibrates automatically.




Integrates with FLIR Cascade

TrafiBot AI integrates seamlessly with FLIR Cascade, our robust software platform specifically designed to collect and organize data from FLIR traffic cameras. You can connect up to 300 FLIR cameras or sensors to a standalone Cascade server.

In the case of a traffic incident, the TrafiBot AI will send an alert and a short, high resolution video clip of the scene for immediate analysis. Traffic operators can then use their existing VMS to access live footage from the camera itself.


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Stainless Steel Housing

The non-corrosive, stainless steel housing can withstand the harshest environmental conditions, including blistering heat, rain, snow, ice, humidity, and salty air. TrafiBot AI is also well-protected when crews periodically clean tunnels.


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