Acoustic Imaging

Acoustic imaging detection technology from FLIR addresses two critical challenges faced by industries today: detecting pressurized air leaks and gas leaks in compressed air systems and monitoring partial electrical discharges in high-voltage systems. These issues not only pose significant safety risks but also lead to operational inefficiencies and increased maintenance costs.

Whether you are facing air leaks, specialized gas leaks, electrical discharges, or corona, consider incorporating FLIR’s range of industrial acoustic imaging detectors to identify these issues swiftly and safely. Explore FLIR’s acoustic imaging camera models, all of which are designed to enhance safety, reduce maintenance costs, and improve operational efficiency.


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Air Leak Detection: Automated Equipment for Effortless Use

Leak detection (LD) cameras from FLIR are designed to identify and assess various types of gas leaks before the issues can escalate. This technology is capable of detecting leaks in systems utilizing compressed air, vacuum, carbon dioxide (CO₂), and other gases. Once a leak is detected, the LD system not only locates it but also quantifies the leak, providing valuable data regarding its magnitude and potential impact.

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Avoid Critical Failures with Early-Stage Partial Discharge Detection

While partial discharge can be audible by the humming and buzzing, it is difficult to pinpoint the source of these issues without proper detection equipment. FLIR’s acoustic imaging cameras for partial discharge (PD) employ artificial intelligence (AI) to evaluate the severity and type of partial discharge occurring. Our sound-based solutions first detect these issues, followed up by the AI component that distinguishes between various forms of partial discharge such as arcing, corona, and surface discharge. Each type has distinct characteristics and implications for the integrity of electrical systems.

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Si2-Pro: A Dual-Function Acoustic Imaging Camera

The Si2-Pro combines the capabilities of both LD and PD detection systems. This acoustic imaging camera integrates both acoustic leak and partial discharge detection, being able to precisely locate even the most elusive air and gas leaks from up to 200 m (656 feet) away, keeping operators away from harm. By consolidating these two functions, the Si2-Pro offers a comprehensive solution for monitoring and maintaining the integrity and efficiency of various industrial systems, from pneumatic networks to complex electrical infrastructures.

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