Field Tested & Combat Proven Defense


Safeguarding Those Who Safeguard Us

Teldedyne FLIR combat-proven solutions arm your personnel with the force-multiplier they need to quickly detect, assess, and track threats far in advance – day and night.

Radars, long-range thermal cameras, weapon sights, CBRNE sensors, and unmanned aircraft and ground vehicle EO/IR systems make up the powerful Teledyne FLIR arsenal. Our integrated solutions help speed decision-making and response time, providing persistent 360-degree surveillance and the tactical advantage to stay out of harm’s way.

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Long-Range and Mid-Range EO/IR Sensors

Land, sea, or air, Teledyne FLIR provides high-definition visible/thermal camera solutions to fit any force protection situation. The wide range of multi-spectral systems includes HD color and low-light cameras, multiple laser payloads, superior image stabilization, and compact SWaP-T and SWaP-C options.

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Fixed and Mobile Integrated Solutions

Protecting perimeters as well as vast and remote locations requires speed, mobility, and flexibility. Maximizing the power of a limited number of personnel is also critical. Teledyne FLIR offers powerful vehicle-mounted and fixed multi-spectral imaging and detection coverage.

Command & Control

Teledyne FLIR’s C2 software, Cameleon™, is an advanced camera control system that provides a customizable, user-friendly solution for surveillance and security operations. It seamlessly integrates cameras, monitors, switchers, DVRs and other devices for full situational awareness.

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Unmanned Reconnaissance Systems

Covert Teledyne FLIR Black Hornet nano-drones are the world’s smallest operational ISR platform. Troops can hold a safe position while the stealthy Black Hornet takes on the mission of quietly looking for threats around corners, overhead, or beyond the next ridge, transmitting EO/IR video back to the soldier in real time.

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Black Hornet® 3

Airborne Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS) for Dismounted Soldiers

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Surveillance Radars

Understanding the nature of a threat is critical to intercepting and defeating it. Teledyne FLIR radars can detect and track multiple threats simultaneously, including drones, providing precise location, heading, and speed details to help personnel keep security zones out of harm’s way.

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Tactical Solutions

From thermal and image intensified weapon sights to multi-sensor thermal binoculars, Teledyne FLIR tactical solutions provide recon sniper teams, border patrol agents, military patrols, and convoy security teams a powerful tactical advantage whether they’re scanning through camouflage or the dark of night.

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