Intelligent transportation Systems

Video Detection and Monitoring Solutions for Traffic Applications

FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) is revolutionizing how traffic flows on roadways throughout the world. Our unique, field-proven solutions help keep vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles moving safely and smoothly.

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Helping Monitor & Optimize Infrastructure Worldwide

Acyclica provides high-resolution, real-time traffic information to transportation department end-users to make roads safer, reduce congestion, and improve overall efficiency and performance of thoroughfares.


FLIR’s Smart City Platform

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Optimize traffic flows for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists

FLIR’s traffic sensors help you control traffic lights at intersections so urban traffic can flow smoothly. In addition, they help optimize traffic flows for pedestrians and bicyclists, improving their safety in busy traffic scenes.


Smart City Sensor

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Avoid Incidents and Traffic Delays on Roads, Highways, and Tunnels

The ability to identify and respond quickly to incidents on roadways and in tunnels is essential for any effective traffic management system. FLIR traffic cameras and sensors can reliably detect such incidents as collisions, stopped vehicles, and wrong-way drivers in challenging lighting and weather conditions. FLIR imagers can even detect a fire in a tunnel well before traditional sensors even activate.

ITS-Series Dual AID

Dual-vision camera for Automatic Incident Detection

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Avoid accidents and damage to infrastructure

FLIR ITS is playing a vital role in helping public transportation systems operate safely. Our thermal cameras detect activity around platforms and tracks, monitor the seat occupancy and passengers on busses and trains, and even detect onboard fires - all in an effort to reduce the risk of accidents and improve efficiency.

ITS-Series Rail

Intelligent thermal camera for public transportation safety