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ThermiCam AI

Model: ThermiCam AI - 325
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Designed to reliably detect and classify road users, ThermiCam AI is an intelligent thermal imaging sensor for traffic monitoring in complex urban environments. Featuring AI algorithms built on 25+ years of traffic detection and best-in-class thermal imaging, ThermiCam AI delivers continuous vision and data collection for safer, more efficient cities. Capable of tracking multiple objects in any lighting condition, the advanced edge-based AI technology effectively controls intersections, helps protect vulnerable road users, and gathers detailed traffic data for better city planning decisions.

  • Unmatched Detection and Control

    Edge-based AI and 24/7 thermal detection offer advanced intersection control that outperforms other technologies.

  • Futureproof Traffic Insight

    ThermiCam AI captures advanced and high-resolution traffic data for better-informed city planning decisions.

  • Comprehensive Reporting

    Generate sophisticated reports with Acyclica, including heatmaps and turning movement counts, to identify bottlenecks.

H.264, MPJEG
PoE mode A for configuration, video streaming and data communication
Detection Zones
24 virtual loops for presence detection
8 traffic data zones for classification and counting
8 Bicycle & Pedestrian detection zones
Dimensions (incl mounting bracket)
Vertically mounted: 45 cm x 16 cm x 12 cm
Horizontally mounted: 41 cm x 18 cm x 12 cm
Frame Rate
30 fps
Vehicle, Bicycle and Pedestrian Presence Detection
Traffic Data Collection (Integrated Data)
Queue Length Monitoring
Premium traffic Data Collection (Individual Data) - optional license
QVGA (320 x 240)
Environmental & Approvals
EU Directives
EMC 2014/30/EU, RoHS 2011/65/EU, LVD 2014/35/EU
FCC part 15 class A
IP Rating
IP 67
Shock & Vibration
NEMA TS2 specs
Temperature Range
-34 to 74°C
Imaging & Optical
Streaming Video
Focal Plane Array (FPA)
Uncooled VOx microbolometer Long wave Infrared (7 – 14 µm)
Detection Distance
75 - 150m
80 Mbps Broadband over Powerline communication via TI BPL2 interface
Input Power
24-42 VAC / 24-48 VDC
Output Contacts
1 N/O and 1 N/C dry contact direct
16 N/C dry contacts via TI BPL2 interface
Power Consumption
Avg 10.5 W / Peak 15W
Shipping Information
All weatherproof UV resistant; aluminum housing with integrated polycarbonate sunshield
System Integration
local/remote web page setup via Wi-Fi, PoE or BPL
Services and Protocols
FLIR VSO data - optional Acyclica license
Wi-Fi Travel Time analytics - optional Acyclica license
Modules (Reporting Module, Planning Module, Signal Timing Tools) - optional Acyclica licenses
Thermal Imaging
Field of View
25°H x 19°V
Media Gallery
FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems: keeping roadways flowing safely
FLIR Intelligent Transportation Systems: keeping roadways flowing safely
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Export Restrictions

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ThermiCam AI - Model: ThermiCam AI - 325

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