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For over a decade, FLIR has partnered with forces around the globe to deliver UAS that redefine what’s possible when obtaining ISR, securing compounds and patrolling borders. FLIR’s UAS are proven to perform when it matters most.

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Short Range Tactical Quadcopter

This NDAA-compliant system gets in the air fast, ready to perform advanced autonomous functions while operating in obstacle-rich environments. GPS-denied flight capabilities, day and nighttime collision avoidance, and agile flight control make it an ideal reconnaissance air vehicle.

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Covertly Gain Immediate Situational Awareness

The Black Hornet is the world’s smallest operational ISR platform. Available as a personal reconnaissance system (PRS) for dismounted warfighters or as a vehicle-based system for armored or mechanized vehicles (VRS), the platform’s game-changing EO and IR technology bridges the gap between aerial and ground-based sensors.

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Black Hornet® 3

Airborne Personal Reconnaissance System (PRS) for Dismounted Soldiers

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Real-Time Beyond Visual Line-of-Sight

The FLIR Black Hornet Vehicle Reconnaissance System (VRS) equips armored or mechanized vehicles with an immediate, organic, and self-contained surveillance and reconnaissance system.

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On-Demand Vision at a Safe Distance

An aerial perspective helps personnel gain situational awareness while maintaining a safe standoff distance. SkyRanger can remain on-station to stream live multicast video to individuals and command posts simultaneously and is ideal to monitor high-risk situations where decisions need to be made quickly. Available to non-US militaries.

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SkyRanger® R70

Advanced Multi-Mission UAS