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Video Management System

United VMS

FLIR United VMS delivers best-in-class video management that can grow with your security needs—from a single location to multiple sites around the world. 

United VMS is a family of products including Latitude software plus Horizon and Meridian network video recorders—built on common core components.

Users can monitor any number of devices sharing the same familiar user-interface, enhancing operational efficiency and improving ROI.

Flexible integration capabilities facilitate custom add-ons such as Radar Integration, Condition Monitoring, and Face Redaction.

The Health Monitor tool proactively monitors the system and alerts security personnel to issues before downtime occurs. United VMS allows you to securely access video assets and receive event alerts anywhere, any time using dedicated workstations and the UVMS Web Client for fixed and mobile devices.

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Secure Your Investment

Improve operational efficiency

By unifying FLIR cameras and third-party edge devices under United VMS, you can customize a centralized management interface to suit the needs of your facility.

Grows with your business

The scalable architecture efficiently supports systems of any size and can be implemented throughout an enterprise spanning multiple sites, cities, and continents.

Enterprise-level technology

United VMS meets the needs of sophisticated surveillance systems by providing simplified management of video operations and delivering a unified and cost-effective system. Supporting partner technologies such as GIS systems, access control, and gunshot detection integration round out the system management capabilities. The expanded FLIR Cloud connectivity and functionality provides a platform to support future technology enhancements.

Peace of Mind

Cyber protection

Developed with cybersecurity in mind to protect your network against cyber-attacks. Improved password policy, secure communications between VMS services and cameras, and other cyber-hardening measures help defend against evolving threats.

System management with proactive health monitoring

The added Health Monitoring tool maintains system operation and uptime. A cloud-based dashboard gives users the ability to monitor their servers, services and cameras, and be notified of any possible problems before they arise.

Proven solution

With thousands of installations around the world serving the widest possible range of applications, you can count on FLIR to provide the performance you expect.

product category

Open Platform VMS

FLIR United VMS is a highly customizable open platform built to integrate with third-party systems and hardware. Custom integrations are developed by the FLIR Applications and Integration Center (AIC) or a third party to leverage the rich SDK and APIs of United VMS.

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See what UVMS can do for you

Available Models

Compare Models
FLIR Meridian 9.3
FLIR Meridian 9.3

Enterprise-grade compact NVR with built-in PoE for small enterprises

FLIR Latitude 9.3
FLIR Latitude 9.3

Network UVMS

FLIR Horizon 9.3
FLIR Horizon 9.3

Enterprise-grade NVR

Resources for United VMS
United VMS License Activation
United VMS License Activation

Access and activate your FLIR United VMS licenses.

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