FLIR Cascade Video Detection Management Software

Unify and Interpret Traffic Metrics with the Power of FLIR Cascade


Imagine capturing realtime traffic data from every FLIR camera or sensor in your system with a single, intuitive cloud-based or on-premise platform.     

That's what FLIR Cascade does for you.

Cascade is our next-generation platform for turning raw data, incident records, and alerts from your entire fleet of FLIR traffic detectors into actionable insights for you and your team.

Take the complexity out of traffic management and make faster, more informed decisions that keep vehicles moving—and drivers safer. 

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Here's how FLIR Cascade works for you


Flexible Traffic Management for Any Sized Operation

From just a few cameras to a vast network, Cascade makes it easy to scale to your specific needs. Our standalone system can manage up to 300 sensors or cameras and operates on any virtualized or bare metal infrastructure with ease.

For large-scale projects that require extra stability, configurations start with a minimum of four nodes and the foundational cluster license.


Keep Alerts Relevant

Cascade actively filters alerts to ensure they are relevant. Advanced algorithms assess and prioritize events as they happen across multiple cameras, reducing unwanted alarms. For example, Cascade can recognize the difference between normal stop-and-go traffic and disabled vehicles that pose a legitimate road hazard.

You can manually activate or schedule filters within Cascade's interface. You can also trigger filters automatically via video detection systems or remotely when integrated with larger management systems.


Cloud-Based Access

A network connection, PC, and browser are all you need to access Cascade's state-of-the art traffic management solution.


Open Design, Custom Integration

Cascade's open infrastructure makes integrating with other platforms easy. Custom plugins empower third-party systems—such as SCADA, traffic control, or video management systems—with Cascade's insights.

While Cascade is not a VMS, it can display high resolution video clips of incidents for quick review. Plugins also deliver event notifications via sound alerts, email, or contact closure.






For comprehensive video management in traffic systems, FLIR United VMS integrates seamlessly with Cascade through a dedicated UVMS Plugin for a cohesive and effective solution.

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