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Radionuclide Identification Device for Unmanned Aerial Systems

The MUVE™ R430 is a radiation detector designed for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) used to detect, locate, measure, map, and identify radioactive sources from above. The SkyRanger® R70 serves as the airframe for the R430. The R430 is integrated into the R70’s Mission Control Software (MCS) providing visible and audible alerts that expedite response measures. The R430 provides a balance of size and weight for various situations including survey, emergency response, and environmental monitoring.

identiFINDER® R200

Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

identiFINDER® R200 instruments are rugged, pager-sized Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRD). They provide full ANSI N42.32 Personal Radiation Detector (PRD) compliance and feature next-generation solid state detector read-out technology that delivers ANSI N42.48 SPRD compliance with nuclide identification. The R200-G detects and identifies gamma radiation and the R200-GN additionally provides neutron detection capability. Law enforcement agencies and first responders use the R200 during routine traffic stops or high visibility events and in mass transit or critical infrastructure entry control points. The OneTouch Reachback™ feature uses the latest advancements in Bluetooth® and web server technologies to provide large-scale situational awareness by alerting others before arriving on-scene.

identiFINDER® R300

High-Resolution Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

The identiFINDER R300 is the world’s highest performing, pager-sized spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD). It provides continuous detection and full threat identification (ANSI N42.48 library). The simple two-button user interface facilitates expedited threat response. Visible, audible, and tactile alarms rapidly alert the operator via the easy-to-read color display. On-board Bluetooth, web server, and GPS technologies make interagency communication easier than ever. The R300 is ideal for belt-worn passive-scanning, security checkpoints, border patrol, and first response.

identiFINDER® R400

All-Purpose Radionuclide Identification Device

With over 20,000 devices deployed globally, the identiFINDER® R400 is the most widely deployed handheld radionuclide identification device (RID) in the world. It is used to detect, locate, measure, and identify radioactive sources and produces rapid visible, audible, and tactile alerts that expedite response measures. The identiFINDER R400 provides operators the ideal balance of size and weight for a wide variety of monitoring scenarios including all-purpose surveying, emergency response, and environmental monitoring.

identiFINDER® R425

Next Generation Radionuclide Identification Device

The identiFINDER® R425 is the next generation of the most deployed radionuclide identification device (RID), offering 360-degree coverage so you can locate and measure gamma and neutron radioactive sources with confidence. The updated capabilities on the identiFINDER R425 include a higher resolution detector option, higher dose rate capability, and a new glass screen cover for scratch protection. With the familiar identiFINDER user interface and 3-button control, you can operate the R425 quickly, communicate results, and take command of any situation, in any environment, remotely. When other systems fail in extremely high gamma fields, the identiFINDER R425 provides pinpoint accuracy and remains fully operational. The R425 provides an ideal balance of size, weight, and performance for various missions including surveying, emergency response, and environmental monitoring.

identiFINDER® R440

Highly Sensitive, Sourceless Handheld RID

The identiFINDER® R440 is a lightweight, source-less radionuclide identification device (RID) that delivers sensitive detection and fast results for routine survey or secondary screening response missions. The R440 is available with NaIL, NaI, LaBr and CLLBC detector options to respond to radiological threats from farther away, behind heavier shielding, and with better resolution than similarly-sized RIDs. The extended energy range provides neutron indication in the NaI (G) version. Its light weight makes single-handed operation easy during extended operations, while the IP67-rated enclosure is built to survive. The bold, easy-to-read interface with 360° EasyFinder™ mode expedites decision-making to keep personnel and the community safe. Hot swappable batteries facilitate continuous operation on extended missions and the ability to charge batteries outside on the instrument while the instrument is on standby ensures instant readiness in the response vehicle.

identiFINDER® R500

The identiFINDER® R500 is an extremely sensitive and accurate digital handheld gamma radionuclide identification device (RID). Available in two configurations (NaI and LaBr), the R500 quickly detects, locates, accurately measures, and identifies radiation sources. The additional detector volume allows it to identify radioactive material where other instruments cannot. When large areas need to be screened rapidly or there is potential for shielding, the identiFINDER R500 provides superior sensitivity and performance.

identiFINDER® R700

Highly Sensitive, Lightweight Backpack Radiation Detector (BRD)

The identiFINDER R700 Backpack Radiation Detector (BRD) offers new spectroscopic broad-search capabilities. Once dismounted, the identiFINDER R700 provides the capabilities required to successfully perform wide-area searches quickly and efficiently while offering exceptional sensitivity, communication, and trusted spectroscopic algorithms in a lightweight, ergonomic form-factor.

identiFINDER® S900

Flexible and Scalable Radiation Sensors

The identiFINDER® S900 is an autonomous sensor that delivers real-time radiation detection and identification. It detects the presence or movement of radioactive material across borders, into buildings, at large public gatherings, and events. The S900 is available in a wide variety of form factors that can be tailored to application-specific environments and sensitivities. Deployment can begin with a standalone system and expand to a network of systems as needs change.

identiFINDER® R225

Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector

The identiFINDER® R225 is a rugged, pager-sized Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detector (SPRD). The R225 features a single 18mm cubic CsI detector with SiPM (G/GN) providing exceptional sensitivity and identification capability. There is also an option for an LaBr(Ce) spectroscopic detector (LG/LGN) for ≤3.5% resolution. The device features the familiar three-button control common to all identiFINDER products. The R225 provides ANSI N42.48 SPRD compliance, as well as MIL STD 810G (Salt Fog) compliance.

The R225 comes with key features built on feedback of its predecessor the identiFINDER R200 including operating in multiple languages. The screen has been upgraded for increased brightness and added color to be visible in sunlight and through polarized sunglasses. The holster has been modified to provide quick access to the device and for the screen to be completely visible while holstered. The battery can operate for over thirty hours with hot-swappable backups and built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GPS ensure remote data viewing.

identiFINDER® R425 UW

Next Generation Radionuclide Identification Device for All Environments

The identiFINDER R425 UW builds on the legacy and capabilities of the identiFINDER R400 and identiFINDER R425. Combining the powerful sensing capabilities of the R425 with underwater operation and ruggedness of the R400.

The R425 UW is IP 68 rated to a depth of 20 meters (66 feet) and is MIL STD 810G (Salt Fog) compliant. It is three and a half times more gamma sensitive and more than two times more neutron sensitive than its underwater predecessor, the R400.

identiFINDER® R100

Personal Survey Meter

The rugged identiFINDER® R100 personal survey meter (PSM) delivers immediate threat alarms to keep front-line responders safe and features integrated Bluetooth® connectivity that enables situational awareness beyond the front-line and up the chain of command.