Abertura Photovoltaic Solar Plant Chooses FLIR Systems Thermal Imaging Cameras to Protect the Perimeter

FLIR Systems provides a total solution: thermal imaging cameras, network video storage, video analytics, ... The last years environmental awareness has increased drastically. Instead of relying on fossil or nuclear energy only for generating electricity, renewable energies have come into play. It is generated from natural resources such as wind, water, tides, geothermal heat and solar energy. One of the main solar plants in Spain is the Abertura Solar Park. It represents an investment of over 225 Million Euro. FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras are protecting this investment day and night. To protect the 9 kilometer long perimeter, 27 FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras have been installed.

A part of the Abertura Solar Power Plant.

FLIR Sensors Manager contains video analytics algorithms like Trip Wire. An alarm will go off if someone crosses the line set by the operator.

With the help of photovoltaic cells, commonly called solar panels, light can be converted to electricity. Although Germany and Japan have long led the field in solar thermal energy production, today Spain is the hub for solar energy activity.

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