Webinar: The FLIR GF77 - A Solution for Gas Maintenance Problems

Monday 4th November 12pm-12.45pm (UK Time)
Hosted By Steve Beynon and Andrew Baker

The oil and gas industry faces a wide range of challenges, from pipe failures and equipment break-downs to invisible gas leaks. If problems aren’t discovered early, companies could face millions of dollars in financial, product, or equipment losses.

The FLIR GF77 is the first uncooled infrared camera from FLIR to visualize methane emissions in realtime for faster, more efficient gas leak surveys. Engineered specifically for methane inspections, this nimble, affordable alternative to FLIR’s industry-leading cooled optical gas imagers was designed for use by renewable energy producers, at natural gas power plants, and at locations along the natural gas supply chain.

Join Steve and Andrew for this webinar where you’ll discover how the FLIR GF77 can resolve some of the many maintenance challenges faced by the oil and gas industry. You’ll also have a chance to ask questions in an open Q&A session.

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