FLIR Maritime Product Returns


FLIR Maritime cameras are subject to U.S. Government Export regulations. Cameras require an Export Licence or certification before a repaired camera can be returned.

Please contact us at before returning your camera so we can ensure correct documentation is in place.

Cameras with a frame rate greater than 9Hz require an export licence.

New U.S. Government export license requirements require FLIR to ask the intended end-use and end-user for cameras with a frame rate less than 9Hz. Cameras with a frame rate less than 9Hz require end-user statements. Please contact us before returning your camera, advising the end use for the camera.

It is important to inform us immediately if a camera is being used, or will be used, for military end-use, by military end-users, or incorporated into a military commodity. Additional information will be required and FLIR will assist in obtaining the appropriate authorizations from the U.S. Government.

If you need to contact us in reference to product return, email us at:

If you have any other technical questions in reference to your FLIR Maritime equipment contact us at: