Realtime Infrared Inspection Solutions for the Plastics Industry

In this (recorded) webinar, you will learn first-hand from Roy Ray, VP, Emitted Energy about the benefits of Realtime Infrared Inspection Solutions for the Plastics Industry.

Every manufacturing plant manager’s goal is to have consistency of production output. Gain control of your processes before unwanted waste and scrap develop. Inspecting thermal profiles of plastic components is easier than ever with Emitted Energy’s Thermal Process Monitoring System (TPMS). Emitted Energy’s TPMS system helps you inspect, control, monitor and detect out of control processes; increase production and quality output by providing 100% parts inspection. TPMS utilizes FLIR Infrared Cameras and easily integrates with your existing PLC. Data is recorded in real-time and may be used for later analysis. Typical applications include weld monitoring, inspection processes and parts verification. For complete automation and control, go with the ultimate thermal machine vision solution configured for complete process control.