Quick Deploy Thermal Imaging Systems for Substation Critical Asset Monitoring

In this recorded webinar, you will learn first-hand from Andy Beck, Co-owner Viper Imaging about the benefits of using Viper Imaging's portable, multi-use Quick Deploy Substation Monitoring Kit. FLIR thermal imaging cameras and ViperVision software are integrated to monitor substation component temperature variations and provide early warning alarms. Engineering teams are equipped with real-time data required to respond to sudden changes. The Quick Deploy Substation Monitoring Kit may be moved from one location to another with a quick 90-minutes-or-less installation time. Viper Imaging systems are designed to easily adapt to the changes in your monitoring needs.


Learn about:

1. Advantages of installing a monitoring system

2. Advantages of integrating FLIR thermal imaging cameras & ViperVision software

3. Real-life applications and customer’s responses