Will the Photon replicator board used for the Tau2 320 work with the Tau2 640?

Yes, the Photon Replicator Board, as well as the Photon Replicator Kit, are compatible with the Tau2 640, Tau2 336, Tau2 324, and lower resolution Tau2 cameras. The Photon Replicator Board mimics the 30-pin SAMTEC connector used on both the legacy Photon 320 and legacy Photon 640 cameras. There are sufficient pins to pass all the available signals including the 14-bit digital data using the Photon Replicator Board.

The Photon Replicator Kit incorporates a Photon Replicator Board, along with a second adapter connector called a wearsaver. This device translates signals from the 30-pin SAMTEC into a 15-pin D-sub connector. The 15-pin D-sub can pass power, communication, analog video, and digital video signals from a 320-format camera, however it is limited to power, communication, and analog video only for 640-format cameras. Tau2 640 and legacy Photon 640 cameras require two extra data lines for digital video, and there are not enough pins in the wearsaver device to support the additional data.

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