Are Tau and Tau2 electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) compliant? Are Tau, Tau2 rated for compliance with and FCC standard (or equivalent) for electromagnetic emissions?

Certification has not been formally completed on the core, but testing has confirmed that radiated emission or EMC levels are below CE Class B with proper grounding and shielding. The radiated electromagnetic emissions or EMC levels from the Tau2 core are compliant to IEC 61000-6-3 (Class B) when a rear cover is installed and proper cabling / line-termination are provided. With the rear cover removed, radiated emissions are below Class A levels.

Any requirements for electromagnetic compatibility, and/or formal EMC certification should be addressed by the system integrator at the final product stage or finished goods level that ships to the end user. Tau and Tau2 are intended as components of larger systems, rather than as stand-alone products. 

Note:  Radiated emissions from Tau 2 are comparable to those from Tau 1.X.

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