I see that there are two firmware versions for the A3xx cameras. Which one should I choose?

The firmware updates for FLIR A3xx cameras can be found under partner tab/Firmware updates. If you do not have access to the partner tab and are a registered FLIR partner, contact customer support and send us information about your partnership. We will then make the required changes.


There are two different firmware versions: A and B. To find out which version your camera needs, you can look at the serial number. The first four digits of the serial number indicate which version is needed:

  • 4820 or 4821: A version
  • 4822: B version.

You can also connect to your camera via Telnet and issue the command "version" to get a list of all the hardware and software revisions in the camera. Look under the item "Mainboard":

  • T197275: A version
  • T198170: B version.

If you have a GenICam compliant A3xx (A315 and A325sc), you should select the A version.

The XML update (pt1000_vx.x.xx_xmlx.x.xx.zip) is only used for GenICam compliant cameras. This updates the GenICam XML descriptor file.

If you have an older camera and these guidelines do not apply, contact Customer Support, and we will help you with the update as soon as possible.

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