How do I connect the FLIR A310, A310f, and AX8 cameras to a video recorder?

The FLIR A310, A310f, and AX8 cameras are not OnVif compliant. Therefore, there is restricted direct support when using these cameras in combination with security camera systems. To add these cameras to a security system, manual configuration is typically required.

(The FLIR A310pt camera is OnVif compliant, so the following instructions do not apply to this model.)

Typical settings

Protocol/model/type: generic RTSP (or similar)
URL: rtsp://ip-address/avc         (h.264)
         rtsp://ip-address/mpeg4   (mpeg4)
Username: admin
Password: leave blank
Resolution/video format: 640 × 480
Compression: dependent on the URL used
Protocol: UDP
Frame rate: 9 fps

FLIR A310 cameras with firmware version 5B.43.11

If the current SW Combination (firmware) version of your FLIR A310 does not start with 5B do not update it.

Only cameras with firmware versions starting with 5B can be updated using the following file from the download page.

To confirm the firmware version of your FLIR A310, go to the camera web UI, click System Information, and search for SW Comb.

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