Does FLIR offer an SDK to control and get video stream from the FLIR IR cameras?

Yes, it's called Atlas SDK.

The FLIR Atlas SDK is a development kit that enables developers to create custom applications. Supported by help files and sample code, developers can add functionality and interface with compatible FLIR products. It also gives developers full access to the radiometric data for individual pixels allowing full flexibility to deploy their own algorithms.

Key features (depending on camera model)

  • Supports communication and streaming using Gigabit, RTSP, and USB interfaces.
  • Gives the user full control of the camera.
  • Supports recording of images using Gigabit, RTSP, and USB interfaces.
  • Converts 16-bit signal pixels into temperature data, for maximum user flexibility.
  • Allows 16-bit temperature linear, histogram, and signal outputs.

To download the FLIR Atlas SDK click the following link:

FLIR Atlas SDK Download instructions

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