Connecting a digital I/O switch to the TV CM

The ThermoVision Condition Monitoring supports Modbus TCP connections to other software and hardware. This guide describes how to connect the TV CM to a Moxa ioLogik E1242.

The ioLogic E1242 is an ethernet switch that needs to be connected to the same subnet as the TV CM. It is recommended to use the TV CM at the default IP address and assign the E1242 to


The E1242 Modbus addresses are defined by Moxa and can be found in the manual.

Connecting_IO 1.jpg
Figure 1 Modbus mapping of the E1242

The TV CM comes preconfigured to be connected to a Modbus device at the IP address, the Modbus devices are available in the left menu according to Figure 2.

Connecting_IO 2.jpgFigure 2

As seen in Figure 2, the registers are already configured for a E1242 so as long as the E1242 is on the correct IP address it should work seamlessly. If you want to change the IP address of the E1242, just right click on the ioModule in the menu the left and press Properties. Then save the project and Press Properties -> Transfer to target.