Changing the camera model of connected cameras

If you have an AX8 and want to change this to a A310 or the opposite, this guide is for you. Because the A310 and AX8 are very similar, there isn’t that much that needs to be changed. For example, the temperature data is unaffected but the video settings need to be changed according to below.

1. Start the program Ethiris Admin. This is the software that is responsible for the video server. It runs as a service on the TV CM and handles the video streaming and video recording.

2. Navigate to the Camera menu to the right according to the image below. It is found under Ethiris Components -> Ethiris Servers -> Ethiris -> Cameras

Changing_Camera_Model 1.jpg

3. From this menu, you can change the camera model. To change the camera model, just press the Model field and select the appropriate model.

4. Once you have changed the camera model to the desired value. Press File -> Save all. To check if the changes had effect, open the TV CM software and check the Video tab. If everything works as expected, you can close the Ethiris Admin program, the Ethiris service will continue to run and the video will be recorded and streamed to the TV CM software.

Changing_Camera_Model 2.JPG

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