A310 camera loses settings after rebooting

If your A310/A310f is losing settings (ROI, alarms...) after rebooting, this could have been caused by the Nexus server running in the camera. 

The Nexus server is an application that is installed on FLIR A310 and A310f cameras. It should only be active when A310/A310f cameras are being used with FLIR Sensors Manager (FSM), which is a security type of Video Management Software (VMS).

When Nexus server is running in the A310/A310f cameras, they cannot be used with FLIR IR Monitor, otherwise the cameras will lose settings.

IR Monitor cannot be used to configure the camera while Nexus server is active.

To deactivate the Nexus server:

  1. Start an internet browser (preferably Internet Explorer)
  2. Login with the password IRCAM
  3. Press Nexus Web
  4. On Start Server On Boot, select deactivate
  5. On the top of the page, press Stop
  6. Reboot camera
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