Why do I get a Hardware Installation warning screen when I try to install my camera drivers?

Last Revision Date: 5/26/2014

This article explains why Windows users may receive a Hardware Installation warning screen saying that the software being installed "has not passed Windows logo testing" (see figure below).

Beginning with the XP release, Windows warns users every time they try to install a driver that Microsoft has not certified and digitally signed. Although not all releases of our drivers are Microsoft certified and digitally signed, we thoroughly test all drivers before releasing them to our customers. The Microsoft warning does not reflect on the quality of our driver or its ability to function properly in your system.

When you see this warning during an installation of a Point Grey Windows driver, simply tell Windows that you want to install the driver anyway by clicking the "Continue Anyway" button, and continue with the standard installation process.

To disable the dialog shown above, follow these steps:

    1. Double click on the System icon in Control Panel.
    2. Left click on the Hardware tab.
    3. Left click on the Driver Signing button. 
    4. Choose the Ignore option. Click on OK and then Apply and OK.
    5. Windows will not warn anymore about driver signing. However, the Found New Hardware Wizard will continue to appear (see "10194 Why does the “Found New Hardware Wizard” appear in Windows XP") for further details.