Firewall warning popups appear if all interfaces are enabled, even if not all interfaces are in use

Last Revision Date: 6/22/2015

When a FLIR SDK is installed on Windows systems without using the FLIR installer, enumeration of all possible camera interfaces is enabled by default. Because enumeration of GigE cameras must scan network ports, applications built from these installations trigger the Windows Firewall to pop up, even if no GigE cameras are being used.

This pop up does not appear when using FLIR's installer, because the installer allows users to select the type of camera to enumerate. The Windows registry is then modified to disable enumeration of cameras that are not selected.

To allow custom installations of the FlyCapture SDK to mimic FLIR's installer, we have provided a set of Windows Registry Editor (.reg) files. These .reg files are installed in the \src\EnumerationRegFiles folder of the installation directory and can be used to disable or re-enable enumeration of the supported interfaces. For example, to disable GigE camera enumeration run DisableGigE enumeration.reg. If disabling/enabling enumeration applies to a 32-bit installation SDK on a 64-bit system, run the applicable *_Thunking.reg file.