Configuring default start-up settings the camera

Last Revision Date: 4/14/2016

This article describes how to configure the camera to use user-configured settings at power-up.       

A user set (memory channel) is used to store the camera settings. The complete list of settings that are stored are found in your camera's Technical Reference manual. Settings stored can include frame rate, image processing, and binning information.

There is a factory-defined user set that is always available and cannot be overwritten. By default, the factory-defined user set loads at start-up. However, you can specify a user-defined set to be used at start-up.

GenICam: use the UserSetDefault feature to specify which user set to load at start-up.

DCAM: the last saved memory channel is used at start-up. To revert to factory settings, attempt to write to the default memory channel.

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