Full Service Inspection (Full Service Inspection Report)
  • Verification of start up process
  • Verification of the image uniformity and artifacts
  • Verification of temperature measurement  against non-calibrated blackbodies
  • Visual inspection of exterior parts
  • Verification of LCD and viewfinder
  • Verification of buttons and joystick
  • Verification of mechanical articulation
  • Verification of lens operation
  • Verification of manual focus and auto focus
  • Verification of shutter and filters
  • Verification of laser aligment
  • Verification of image fusion aligment
  • Verification of visual camera
  • Verification of GPS functionality
  • Verification of Wi-fi and Bluetooth connection
  • Verification of PCB embeded battery
  • Verification of cooler cooldown time
  • Completion of Full Service Inspections report
FLIR Factory Certificate of Calibration The Certificate of Calibration includes measurement data, as well as traceability information, certificate unique identifier, and measurement uncertainties.
Firmware Update Update of the following firmware* to the latest version available
  • OS image kit
  • App kit
  • Prod kit
  • Config kit
  • Prod.spc
  • GigE drivers
*Specialty products may contain other files systems that require update
Full Service Preventive Maintenance
  • Adjustment of mechanical articulations
  • Adjustment of auto focus
  • Adjustment of laser aligment
  • Adjustment of fusion aligment
  • Tightening all PCB connections and flexcables
  • Cleaning of lenses
  • Cleaning of the detector window
  • Cleaning of product exterior
  • Complete Maintenance and Repair report
Camera Performance and Image Optimization For each lens these are the items included:
  • Testing of image uniformization
  • Adjustment of the gain and offset of the whole array of pixels
  • Replacement of the signal of pixels that are not performing as expected
  • Retesting the image uniformization with non-calibrated blackbodies
Measurement Adjustment For each lens these are the items included:
  • Adjustment of all temperature ranges against calibrated blackbodies
  • Testing all temperature ranges at 3 levels (range limits and center) against calibrated blackbodies