Modifying the graphical user interface on the TV CM

It is possible to change the appearance of the ThermoVision Condition Monitor quite easily. This guide describes the approach and after reading this, you should be able to make some more advanced modifications.

  1. Navigate to the folder C:\Users\admin\Documents\WideQuick Projects and double click on ThermoVision CM.kpro. The software starting now is the software that is used to modify the graphical presentation of the TV CM software.
    Navigate in the left menu to ThermoVision CM -> Workviews -> Start and double click on Start. From here you can modify how the “base screen” of the application looks like. You can press on the text fields on top such as the Video, Analysis, Alarms etc buttons.
    Navigate to the Video workview to the left. In the lower right corner, there is a FLIR logotype. Press on the FLIR logotype, and the press the Image tab.
    Modifying_Graphical_Interface 1.jpg
    To change the image to for example, your own company logotype. Press the Browse for Image button.
    Modifying_Graphical_Interface 2.jpg
    Once you have changed the image. Make sure that the ThermoVision CM program is running, and then compile the program.
    To compile the changes, press File -> Save Project and then press File -> Transfer to Target System. Don’t change anything on the Transfer Project window, press transfer and then you can close the WideQuick Designer software. When doing the transfer, make sure that the TV CM software is running.
    Modifying_Graphical_Interface 3.jpg