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Accessory for HISS-XLR and HISS-HD

Wedge Prism

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Shooting at extreme ranges requires more elevation adjustment than is available with most riflescopes. The Wedge Prism mounts directly in front of the HISS-XLR and HISS-HD thermal clip-on sights. The Wedge Prism precisely elevates the image presented by the sight, allowing the shooter to combine the fixed elevation of the Wedge Prism and the elevation range of the riflescope, enabling precise engagements at extreme distances.

  • Precision elevation adjustment

    The Wedge Prism mounts seamlessly in front of the HISS-XLR and HISS-HD thermal clip-on sights, providing an unprecedented level of elevation adjustment. This ensures that shooters can confidently engage targets at extreme ranges with unmatched accuracy.

  • Optical shifting for increased elevation travel

    Available in two lightweight options – 15 NATO MIL and 30 NATO MIL – the Wedge Prism optically shifts the image to the riflescope by a precision elevation value. This addition significantly expands the available elevation travel within the riflescope, granting shooters the flexibility needed for extreme range scenarios.

  • Fixed elevation with riflescope integration

    The Wedge Prism offers shooters the ability to combine the fixed elevation of the prism with the existing elevation range of their riflescope, to make precise engagements at extreme distances, surpassing the limitations of conventional riflescopes.

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Export Restrictions

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Wedge Prism