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Remote Weapon Systems Sight

ThermoSight® V4000E

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The ThermoSight® V4000E is a cooled midwave infrared (MWIR) sight for long-range remote weapon systems designed to maximize performance and stand off range. It has a wide field of view of 10 degrees to scan the scene for threats and targets a narrow 2 degrees field of view for target assessment and accurate timing. The ThermoSight® V4000E has superior automatic detail enhancement (ADE), a proven low-life cycle cost, and a fast and reliable calibration mode (NUC) for easy operation.

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  • Greater Standoff Range

    Provides the ability to identify a tank target at nearly 4km thanks to its powerful optics and a cooled MWIR detector.

  • Accurate Aiming Solution

    Perfect solution for accurate aiming with longer range, larger caliber weapon systems such as 30mm , as well as for missiles such as the Javelin.

  • Efficient and Field Proven

    Requires little to no manual tuning thanks to FLIR advanced image processing algorithms. In use with the US Army, tested and qualified to MIL-STBD 810.

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ThermoSight® V4000E