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Medium-Range HD Multi-Spectral Surveillance System

TacFLIR® 240

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The TacFLIR 240 is a new and advanced system ready to meet the ISR needs for both land vehicle applications and fixed installations. Designed to meet the demands of military operations, the system delivers best-in-class EO/IR imagery in a lightweight turret with superior image processing. TacFLIR 240 provides a unique and customizable onscreen user interface (UI) which can be based on mission or operator preferences, reduce screen clutter, and minimize distractions. Compact and lightweight, the TacFLIR 240 delivers exceptional target recognition and a built-in IMU will give operators stabilized imagery, and target location accuracy for mission confidence.

Force Protection for Safer Missions

  • Reduce Workload with Superior Imagery

    Auto Focus and Auto Gain reduce operator workload, while Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging (MSX®) creates image blending to ensure clear onscreen imagery clarity in degraded visual environments.

  • Mission and Operator Based Customization

    New user interface (UI) can be customized to mission or operator preferences, providing an easy to use experience which saves time in the field.

  • Laser Rangefinder and Pointer

    Laser payload options can provide accurate range to target and geolocation data, which increases the lethality of onboard weapon stations and provides greater situational awareness.

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Export Restrictions

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TacFLIR® 240