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Pocket Solar Power Meter

Extech SP505

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Extech’s SP505 measures solar power level from sunlight outdoors to determine the best location of solar panel and solar water heater installations. It is also used indoors by window manufacturers, the automotive industry, and remodeling home owners to check the level of solar radiation transmission through various glass thicknesses and degrees of tinting to use for window installations. The convenient, pocket-sized meter with a built-in precision solar light sensor is easy-to-use wherever you go.

General Specifications
Solar Power
3999 W/m², 634 BTU/(ft²×h)
Solar Power Basic Accuracy
±10 W/m², ±3 BTU/(ft²×h) or ±5% (whichever is greater)
Solar Power Max Resolution
1 W/m², 1 BTU/(ft²×h)
Spectral Response
400 nm to 1100 nm
Additional Details
4.3 × 1.9 × 1" (108 × 48 × 23mm)
2 × AAA (1.5V) batteries
2 years
2.8oz (80g)
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Export Restrictions

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Extech SP505