Long-Range Perimeter Surveillance Doppler Radar

Ranger® R3D

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The Ranger R3D is a dual mode, ground surveillance radar designed to provide efficient, 24/7 persistent surveillance, both within and beyond the fence. Operating in the Ka-band, the Ranger R3D leverages the resolution and accuracy of advanced FMCW technology and the extended range and terrain adaptability of Doppler in a single, compact, and lightweight package. Ruggedized for permanent, all-weather installations and mobile, stop-and-scan operations, its low minimum detection velocity (MDV) detects slow-moving threats such as walkers and crawlers.

Switchable FMCW and Pulse Doppler

  • Dual-Mode Capability

    Switch between FastScan and Doppler depending on terrain and recognition requirements. Enhanced performance supports both radial and tangential detection.

  • Ruggedized for Rigorous Duty

    Designed for permanent, all-weather installations and mobile, stop-and-scan operations, R3D can detect pedestrians, crawlers and vehicles in virtually any environment.

  • Versatile Mid-Range Ground Surveillance

    A COTS unit for detecting and tracking surface movement, R3D provides wide area detection when used as a cueing device.

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Export Restrictions

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Ranger® R3D