Wall Cavity Probe (MR06)

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The FLIR MR06 Wall Cavity Probe expands the functionality of your FLIR moisture meter by allowing you to easily measure insulation moisture levels within a wall cavity and the inside face of exterior walls. FLIR’s new insulated pins are smaller in diameter – requiring minimal force to drive the pins into a surface – resulting in less impact to the material. The sandblasted, hardened-steel pins with a single-piece design prevent bending and create an improved bonding surface for the abrasion-resistant insulation. The insulation extends all the way to the connection to the probe, so even if you drive the pins all the way into the wall cavity, the drywall will not affect the measurement.

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Wall Cavity Probe (MR06)

183,00 € ex. VAT 219,60 € inc. approx. VAT (20 %)