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Protecting vast, remote borders, shorelines, and forward-operating bases requires speed, mobility and flexibility. Maximizing the power of a limited number of personnel is also critical. The skid-based LVSS is the next generation mobile surveillance solution. It converts a full-sized commercial pickup into a rapidly deployable command and control center. With radar and EO/IR cameras mounted to its 16-foot mast, LVSS provides efficient surveillance coverage throughout your mission to guard against smuggling, terrorism, and illegal immigration — day and night.

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  • Mission-Ready in Minutes

    The removeable skid installs quickly. Easy, single-operator set-up of the mast and sensor/radar payloads means rapid deployment.

  • Covert, Nimble Mobility

    When it's time to relocate, the 16-foot mast retracts and stows out of sight under protective cover for transporting.

  • Rugged, Reliable, and Ergonomic

    Take command and control from the comfort of the cab. LVSS design is based on proven military-qualified experience in the most rigorous environments.

LVSS Provides the Most Advanced Integrated Surveillance Available

LVSS Provides the Most Advanced Integrated Surveillance Available

Simplify the complex. Seamlessly integrate Cameleon Command & Control software with radar and IR/EO camera systems for full perimeter security operations. Track up to 500+ targets simultaneously and bring steadfast long-range surveillance to the threat from distances up to 20km (12.4 miles) away.

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Camera Options
Camera Options
Command & Control
Cameleon Tactical
Track blending of multiple sensors, slew-to-cue of radar to camera, mapping functionality, zone management, video archiving and distribution, and alarm notification and management
Simultaneously Tracking
>500 Targets
Operator Console
Easily integrated in between the front driver and passenger seats, allowing for system operation from either location. The operators console provides two 17” HD displays, mouse, keyboard, and camera remote controller that can be easily and securely stowed for rapid deployment.
Power Options
Battery, Vehicle, and Shore Power
Operating System
Cameleon 2020 OS
Payload Options
NIR wavelength
Laser Rangefinder Laser Pointer (NIR wavelength)
Radar Options
R20SS Long Range Ground Surveillance Radar
Mast Deploy and Stow Time
< 30 min.
Standard Features
Silent Mode Operation Differential GPS Weather Station Shore Power Connection Cab-Integrated Operator Workstation Video Monitor Operator Control Panel and a Camera Hand Control Unit
Physical Features
Fully Configured Vehicle
< 60 min.
Height [deployed]
16 ft. (4.9m) mounted on an F-250 truck
Height [stowed]
22 in. (56 cm)
67 in. (170 cm)
65 in. (165 cm)
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Export Restrictions

Export Restrictions

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