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Flexible and Scalable Radiation Sensors

identiFINDER® S900

Model: identiFINDER S900 DU 203.2-NGH Go to Product Support
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The identiFINDER® S900 is an autonomous sensor that delivers real-time radiation detection and identification. It detects the presence or movement of radioactive material across borders, into buildings, at large public gatherings, and events. The S900 is available in a wide variety of form factors that can be tailored to application-specific environments and sensitivities. Deployment can begin with a standalone system and expand to a network of systems as needs change.

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  • Rapid, Autonomous Monitoring

    Automatically analyzes collected data against extensive library when change in background radiation is detected. Radiation source is identified within seconds.

  • Scalable and Expandable Architecture

    Detection units available in variety of sizes and housing and can be openly installed or concealed for high-consequence threat interdiction.

  • Advanced Template Matching Algorithms

    Separates innocent material, such as medical patients, from threatening sources - a unique feature not offered by other area monitors.

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identiFINDER® S900 - Model: identiFINDER S900 DU 203.2-NGH

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