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Long-Range Cooled Thermal Sniper Sight


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The HISS-HD thermal weapon sight provides clear, long-range optics for snipers and machine gun crews. It effortlessly mounts on MIL-STD-1913 rails, interfaces with various day scopes and weapons, and exceeds 2200 meters in target detection. With exceptional portability, compatibility with ballistic devices, and an optional remote control pendant for enhanced stability, the HISS-HD has unmatched capabilities in most operational scenarios.

  • Long Range Precision

    Detect, identify, and engage targets over 2200 meters away with the lightweight, high-performance thermal weapon sight, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in total darkness or obscured daylight conditions.

  • Cutting-Edge Imaging Technology

    Experience exceptional thermal sensitivity and clarity with a mid-wave imager (MWIR) featuring a High Definition (HD) and High Operating Temperature (HOT) cryo-cooled focal plane, providing a fixed 4-degree field of view with motorized focus. Field-tested on various weapons, including Sig Sauer .338N Machine Guns and Sniper Rifles, including .50 Cal and .338N, it’s the ultimate tool for precision shooters.

  • Versatile Clip-On Design

    Easily mount the HISS-HD on any MIL-STD-1913 rail interface forward of an existing scope, making it ideal for sniper and machine gun applications, to enhance shooting capabilities.

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Export Restrictions

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