Thermal Analytics Security Camera

Elara™ FB-Series ID

Model: 427-1065-51-00
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The FLIR Elara™ FB-Series ID thermal security camera uses onboard analytics to classify human or vehicular intrusions, making it ideal for perimeter intrusion detection and sterile-zone monitoring. The Elara™ FB-Series ID can also hand off classified intrusions to FLIR PTZ cameras for autonomous tracking of intruders. Easy to set up, Elara™ FB-Series provide reliable detection with low false alarm rates in challenging environments, bad weather, and complete darkness.

Best-in-class intrusion detection with on-board analytics

  • Reliable analytics with few false alarms

    The Elara FB-Series ID classifies human and vehicle intrusions, and hand-off targets to autonomous PTZ tracking cameras.

  • "Plug and Play" integration

    The camera is fully certified by third party video management systems, as well as FLIR United VMS.

  • Industry-leading Performance and Reliability

    FLIR's award winning thermal technology is backed by the industry's most extensive warranty.

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Export Restrictions

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Elara™ FB-Series ID - Model: 427-1065-51-00

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