FLIR Introduces Thermal Pan-Tilt-Zoom Security Camera: FLIR TCX PTZ

Today FLIR launched the FLIR TCX PTZ (Pan-Tilt-Zoom), a thermal-equipped PTZ security camera that provides security professionals with the information they need to respond to potential security threats.
The FLIR TCX PTZ’s thermal camera outperforms standard visible light cameras by providing accurate alarm assessment and visual verification. The thermal camera enables security professionals to see in complete darkness, low-contrast scenes, inclement weather, or heavily landscaped areas, helping them make more informed security response decisions.
With continuous 360-degree panning and the ability to capture video footage at multiple angles and perspectives, the TCX PTZ works with existing security intrusion detection technology like shaker fences, trip wires, and motion detectors. The TCX PTZ also combines Video Motion Detection analytics and FLIR’s proprietary Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) thermal video technology to display high-contrast foreground and background details that improve video analytics performance.
The FLIR TCX PTZ is now available for purchase through security distribution channels. For full product specs and more, visit:  
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