Local Heroes: Texas HAZMAT Crew Uses FLIR in Response to Industrial Leak

In our LOCAL HEROES series, FLIR likes to highlight the stories of law enforcement and first responders using FLIR products in their day-to-day lives by highlighting them as our “local heroes.”

On a Monday morning in early June, the Corpus Christi Fire Department HAZMAT Crews in Southern Texas were called to a scene after receiving reports of a strong ammonia smell throughout a wide-spread area. The CCFD HAZMAT Crew used a FLIR thermal camera capable of visualizing a leak that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye.

The plume of ammonia was made visible to the HAZMAT Crew allowing them to locate and evaluate the source of the leak, and stop the flow of ammonia to avert a larger crisis. Watch the video below, and head here to see the full story!

Learn more about FLIR’s Optical Gas Imaging Cameras here.

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