Local Heroes: Spokane Sheriff Airborne Helps Find Break-in Suspects

Local law enforcement airborne units use FLIR’s thermal technology every day to help on the job. Whether it’s finding a missing person or supporting officers from the air, thermal technology is an essential tool, day or night. The Spokane, Washington Sherriff Air 1 helicopter unit knows this firsthand after helping locate multiple suspects at a break-in this week.

According to the Spokane Sherriff department, Air 1 helped in an arrest of two juveniles during a break-in at an area high school. Deputies responded at early in the morning on July 24 and using their FLIR camera, noticed two cars near the building with heat signatures. Air 1 then found one suspect on the roof and another near a dumpster, and led deputes on the ground to them from the air.

The Spokane Sherriff department released a video and you can watch it here.

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