Local Heroes: Orange County Sheriff Uses FLIR Airborne System to Spot Great White Sharks

“Attention, in the water,” announced the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (OCSD) from a helicopter loudspeaker above Capistrano Beach, “you are currently paddle-boarding next to approximately 15 Great White Sharks.” This announcement was followed by instructions to, “Exit the water in a calm manner. The sharks are close to the surf line.”

FLIR technology is used everyday by law enforcement, military and other first-responders to help protect and serve their local communities. In this case, the OCSD used their FLIR Star SAFIRE 380-HD airborne surveillance system to help avoid a potential disaster. Watch this video: 

Although we talk often about the thermal technology in our airborne products, our Star SAFIRE products also come equipped with various sensor payloads, including shortwave infrared and lowlight visible cameras. The OCSD's footage features the visible camera footage, and the paddle-boarders must have been thankful for the Sheriff's ability to make an aerial assessment and spot the school of Great White Sharks before having a run-in. The FLIR Star SAFIRE 380-HD and HDc models are designed for the user, enabling them to meet the demands of any situation, such as that encountered by OCSD.
For their prompt aerial assessment using one of FLIR’s airborne surveillance systems and their effective execution in evacuating all paddle-boarders from the shark-infested shoreline, FLIR is pleased to honor the OCSD as local heroes.
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