Local Heroes: Local Law Enforcement Agencies Enlisting FLIR During the Holidays

All the hustle and bustle of the holiday season may do a great job of spreading good cheer, but the increased volume of foot and auto traffic this time of year also presents potentially hazardous situations for consumers and employees. Each year, efforts enforced by our local law enforcement keeps shoppers and businesses safe—making sure the “bad guys” don’t ruin your holiday spirit! This is why, for the month of December, FLIR wants to highlight the courage in these efforts by recognizing law enforcement as our local heroes.

In cities across the country, Metro Police aviation units are equipped with FLIR’s airborne systems. These FLIR-equipped law enforcement helicopters regularly patrol malls and shopping centers to monitor entrances, exits and parking lots looking for thieves. With the advantage of thermal technology, these FLIR cameras are assisting our local heroes in spotting trouble—day or night.

In combination with our airborne systems, law enforcement agencies use FLIR’s Skywatch mobile observation towers during the holiday season. These elevated platforms allow for effective parking lot surveillance by providing unobstructed views—assisting themselves as great deterrents of car break-in’s and other common Holiday vandalism.

Also in action, Swiss security technology provider Nexo Group has developed a security solution using FLIR’s Security Cameras, to identify shoppers with suspicious heat patterns, indicating the potential presence of hidden, stolen products.

It’s great to see FLIR technology put to such an important use. 

To all you holiday shoppers - be safe out there!

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