Local Heroes: FLIR Marine Camera Helps Find Missing Girl

Warmer weather means boating season is upon us. That means people will be hitting the water to cool off or explore our waterways.  Unfortunately, accidents can happen on the water, but thankfully our military and law enforcement agencies have invested in technology designed to help in search and rescue operations, including FLIR’s thermal technology. 

FLIR’s Maritime Systems cameras, such as the SeaFLIR III, is a long-range stabilized thermal camera and is ideal for use on the water in both low-light conditions or in complete darkness. This type of technology was used recently by the U.S. Coast Guardnear Tarpon Springs, Florida to help rescue a missing kayaker in the Gulf of Mexico. 

A 17-year old girl set out with her a family on a day kayak trip but became separated after she lost her paddle. As night approached, the family called local officials and the Coast Guard dispatched both a helicopter and boats to help find her. After a four-hour search, the Coast Guard used FLIR technology to locate the girl and sent a boat to bring her to safety. 

We’re honored that our technology played a role in this critical mission and we congratulate everyone involved. To learn more about the story, read ABC’s account of the rescue or watch the video below of the kayaker being pulled to safety.  

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