FLIR V2X Demonstration at ITS World Congress


FLIR ITS and MARBEN host V2X connected vehicle demonstration at ITS World in Montréal.

FLIR ITS and MARBEN are hosting a Connected Vehicle demonstration using V2X communication between vehicles and roadside infrastructure at ITS World Congress 2017, in MontrĂ©al, Canada. The live demonstrations will occur Monday, Oct. 30 to Thursday, Nov. 2 from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Participants can register at either the MARBEN booth # 2026 or the FLIR booth # 924, or you can register online by checking out our event page here. 

FLIR ITS will be featuring the FLIR TrafiSense V2X thermal camera, an all-in-one vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian detection sensor with V2X communication inside. The FLIR TrafiSense V2X is capable of detecting vulnerable road users and communicating their positions to approaching vehicles, allowing a safety warning, when appropriate.

MARBEN and FLIR ITS will demonstrate V2V applications, such as Forward Collision Warning, Emergency Electronic Brake Lights, Intersection Movement Assist, Blind Spot Warning, Left Turn Assist, and Lane Change Warning, together with V2I applications, such as Pedestrian Crash Avoidance and Traffic Signal Priority for public transport and emergency preemption.

The TrafiSense V2X can also give traffic signal priority to public transport and emergency vehicles, decreasing emergency response times and minimizing public transport delays. TrafiSense V2X uses Broadband-over-Powerline communication and easily mounts to existing infrastructure, avoiding costly updates to traffic signal controllers. The camera also conforms to CEN ISO/CALM & ETSI and SAE & IEEE Wave standards.

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