FLIR Delivers the Complete Thermal Camera Lineup for Firefighters


Author: FLIR Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, Tom Surran

This week we introduced a range of thermal imaging firefighting solutions during the world’s largest exhibition for firefighters, FDIC International in Indianapolis, Indiana.  In the process, we made major strides in our mission to make high quality thermal imaging cameras standard issue equipment for firefighters.

As the world’s largest thermal imaging provider, we’ve driven historic breakthroughs in thermal camera core development in recent years. These breakthroughs have driven the cost downward and made thermal imaging more accessible to people in a number of industries. From our low cost microcamera Lepton being used in devices such as the CAT S60 smartphone, to our latest high performance camera, Boson, announced earlier this week, thermal imaging is rapidly gaining mass adoption.

The breadth of FLIR’s product line-up allows firefighters to gain a perspective from every angle of their operation. Whether it’s to better see through smoke, identify hot spots, navigate safely, remain oriented during response missions and locate and rescue victims easily, we have firefighters covered in every situation:

  1. - Handheld Thermal Imaging Cameras: Our well-established range of rugged, reliable handheld thermal cameras expanded this week with the addition of the FLIR K33 and K53. From our higher end handhelds like the FLIR K65 with real-time digital processing onboard, to our most affordable camera, the FLIR K2, we can truly offer a thermal imaging camera (TIC) for every firefighter when and where they need.
  2. - Aerial Mounted Systems: This week we introduced the industry’s first TIC for aerial ladders, the FLIR KF6. Mounted on fire truck extension aerials ladders, the FLIR KF6 allows firefighters to deploy the ladder and pinpoint hot spots so firefighters can better observe and safely plan before deploying a firefighter into a structure.
  3. - Thermal Drone Packages: We also announced that we will distribute the FLIR Aerial First Responder Kit, a drone kit that includes the DJI Zenmuse XT stabilized thermal camera powered by FLIR with the DJI Inspire 1 drone. The FLIR-equipped DJI drone packages offer first responders added support with the ability to see through smoke, assess the scene from an aerial perspective, and keep track of their personnel in large fire scenes.

Our goal is to provide thermal imaging cameras that meet any department’s budget or performance requirement, from thermal eyes in the sky, to personal handheld thermal imaging cameras. At FLIR, we’ve paved the way for thermal imaging cameras to be a common tool for firefighters to search faster and be more efficient, keeping the community safe and our making sure the firefighters on the line return home.

With our new products announced this week, we’ve proven our ability to establish new price and value levels for the industry. We’re thrilled to deliver this new technology to help those with jobs critical to our community and we look forward to rolling out these products to fire departments in the months ahead.

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