FLIR Begins Shipping Radiation Detector identiFINDER R200 and Announces Companion Mobile App

We are pleased to announce that pre-orders for the identiFINDER® R200 are now shipping to law enforcement and emergency management agencies around the world this week. The pager-sized radiation detector tool can be mounted in a vehicle or worn to provide 24/7 radiation monitoring. When an radiation hazard is detected, the identiFINDER R200 alarms, enabling responders to assess the nature of the threat on-site and identify a true threat from an innocent material.

Additionally, FLIR is readying an iPhone and Android mobile app for the identiFINDER R200 that delivers OneTouch Reachback™ through Bluetooth. This allows the front-line responder to share information from the emergency site with partner responders.  The ability to instantly communicate threats remotely provides responders with advanced warning, enhances situational awareness and the capacity to perform real-time support analysis and verification.

FLIR will demo the identiFINDER R200 app for the first time at the 2016 FDIC tradeshow for firefighters on April 21-23, FLIR booth #3921.  Customers can download the free FLIR identiFINDER R200 app on the Apple App Store or through Google Play starting in late April.

To learn more about the identiFINDER R200, visit:

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