Teledyne FLIR Announces New identiFINDER R225 Personal Radiation Detector

OAK RIDGE, Tenn., August 17, 2023 -- Teledyne FLIR Defense has announced the next generation of spectroscopic personal radiation detector (SPRD), the identiFINDER® R225. The R225 is the latest solution in Teledyne FLIR’s long line of identiFINDER products. Building on the capabilities of its predecessor, the R200, the R225 comes with the familiar three-button design common to its handheld identiFINDER products. But the R225 brings several important new capabilities to Teledyne FLIR’s SPRD products and incorporates the voice of the customer in improving on the R200.

The identiFINDER R225 is a small electronic device worn by emergency responders. The R225 alerts the wearer to even slight changes in background radiation levels to detect radioactive material. It can be used as a safety measure or as an interdiction measure against the illicit movement of radioactive material. The identiFINDER R225 also identifies the specific radionuclide present to give responders as much information as possible while clipped on their person.

The R225 features a single 18mm cubic CsI detector with SiPM (G/GN) providing exceptional sensitivity and identification capability. There is also an option for an LaBr(Ce) spectroscopic detector (LG/LGN) for ≤3.5% resolution. And a number of design elements of the R225 were shaped by customer feedback on ways it could help them do their jobs even better.

We upgraded the R225’s screen brightness and added color to the display to help increase visibility even in bright sunlight and through polarized sunglasses. A new holster design allows operators to see the screen without removing the unit. The holster clips on easily to belts or vests, and the identiFINDER R225 can slide in and out of the holster quickly while remaining securely in place. The R225 also features built-in Bluetooth, WiFi, and GPS and streams at 1Hz. Multiple languages will also be available with planned software updates. The battery comes with 30+ hours of life with a hot swappable back-up feature. This enables endless field operation on extended missions with commercially available batteries. Finally, the R225 provides ANSI N42.48 SPRD compliance, as well as MSLTD 810g Salt/Fog compliance.

“As our customers spoke, we listened. The identiFINDER R225 represents significant improvements over the previous generation in almost every area," said Clint Wichert, Director of Technologies for Integrated Detection Systems.

"It demonstrates our continued commitment to building products our heroes can rely on to keep them safe and informed about the radiological threats around them.“

More information, including complete datasheets and product information, can be found here. For questions about your Teledyne FLIR radiation detection solutions, please contact


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