FLIR to Support USS Portland Ship Commissioning Ceremony

The USS Portland (ship name: LPD27) Amphibious Transport, a new United States (U.S.) Navy Amphibious Transport Dock ship, is set to be commissioned during a ceremony in Portland, Oregon on April 21, 2018, and FLIR is proud to be a sponsor for this important, traditional ceremonial milestone.    

The USS Portland is the 11th Amphibious Transport Dock of its class. At nearly 700-feet long and 100-feet wide, it is designed to transport and land a Marine Expeditionary Force of up to 800 U.S. Marines. It can also hold significant supporting cargo, including tilt-rotor Ospreys, air cushion landing crafts, and multiple land support vehicles. This unique capability forms the backbone of the Navy-Marine Corps amphibious global operations.   

Headquartered just south of Portland in Wilsonville, Oregon, FLIR has a long history of providing technology to support the mission of its military customers, including the U.S. Navy. It is an honor for FLIR to support the Navy and the USS Portland Commissioning Committee at the ceremony.

To the men and women of the USS Portland: 

Fair winds and following seas!

To learn more about the commissioning ceremony and details about the ship, click here






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