FLIR Launches Drone and Land Target Detection

FLIR has a wide range of radar products for military, law enforcement and border patrol surveillance needs, and today it launched two new mid-range radar models, including one with the drone detection capabilities.

The FLIR Ranger R8SS-3D and R8SS radars, part of FLIR's Ranger family of radars, offer mid-range detection capability for both fixed-based installation and forward-deployed operations personnel. The R8SS-3D detects both land and air objects, such as micro-drones, and differentiates birds from drones. The Ranger R8SS-3D reports the altitude and location of small drones at ranges of two miles and can also detect vehicles and people walking or crawling.

Both the R8SS-3D and the R8SS, the latter of which offers land detection only, can detect over 500 threats and their exact locations simultaneously, and work within an existing data network. The R8SS series mount to either a vehicle, surveillance tower, or tripod, and allows for full, 360-degree surveillance, ensuring that threats within the surveillance range are detected.

The products, unveiled at the Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC) 2018 in Tampa, Fla., are part of FLIR’s Soldier Solutions family and demonstrate the company’s commitment to deliver the most advanced equipment to armed services personnel.   

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