Mike Pawlawski from Gridiron Outdoors Becomes FLIR Outdoors Ambassador

FLIR is proud to announce a new Outdoor and Tactical Systems (OTS) Pro Ambassador, outdoor professional and former pro football player, Mike Pawlawski. Mike’s passion for the shooting sport and enthusiasm for educating others on proper hunting ethics, techniques and technology makes him a great addition to FLIR’s team of ambassadors.

Spending most of his football offseason time fishing and hunting, Mike became a professional guide when his football career ended. Now as the host of Gridiron Outdoors on Outdoor Channel, Mike focuses his efforts on exploring the outdoors, travelling the country with former athletes and special guests, and educating his guests on the outdoor sport and beauty of nature.

FLIR Ambassador Mike Pawlawski (left) and Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger out scouting on the Gridiron Outdoors (Outdoor Channel).

FLIR will equip Mike and his guests on Gridiron Outdoors with FLIR Scout thermal monoculars and Thermosight rifle scopes. Using thermal imaging outdoors, they’ll track and quickly recover downed game, spot predators from a distance, and stay better aware of their surroundings.  With the ability to detect and display the body heat of animal, people or objects in total darkness, smoke or light fog, the guests of Gridiron Outdoors like Pittsburgh Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and former Seattle Seahawk Marshawn Lynch, will explore the outdoors like never before with a sixth sense.

FLIR welcomes Mike to the FLIR Pro Ambassador Team. To watch Gridiron Outdoors tune into Outdoor Channel in early 2017 or find out more at www.gridironoutdoors.com.